The year is 2212, the weather is out of control, and Seattle is being rebuilt with electricity generated from negative human emotion. In a strange and turbulent world fueled by secrecy and voyeurism, a bored housewife named Helen vanishes, and Citizen Surveillant Maxwell Point, the man whose job it’s been to watch her, must recount the years leading up to her disappearance. As Helen is drawn back to the city on an increasingly absurd errand to find a man she once loved, Maxwell begins to suspect foul play. But is he so dependent on the very thing he’s trained to protect that it colors not only his judgment, but his grip on reality? In this novel inspired by the troubled relationship between an author and his craft, Shya Scanlon renders a surreal, dystopian world in which alternate motives are required and people must hide even from themselves—a world in which the only real freedom is powerlessness.

“Shya Scanlon’s brilliant first novel inhabits the skin of science fiction while setting off fireworks more extravagantly imagined and coolly displayed than those ever fired into the night air by any conventional SF novel. He zooms far beyond fiction’s usual old-fashioned feeling-states into a bright dazzling world that might have been plotted by a consortium of William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and Don DeLillo. If there’s any justice, Scanlon is going to become a hero to his peers: he’s pointing down the path many of the youngest, hippest writers in Brooklyn still have not as yet realized they will need to take. FORECAST indicates their future, though: this is where they’ll be going.” —Peter Straub, author of A Dark Matter

“Forecast does double duty as herald of an important new literary voice on the U.S. scene and harbinger of some seriously foul weather we’ll all have to contend with.” —Laird Hunt, author of Neverhome

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