ShyaScanlon2014I was born on a commune in Maine where I had the first best ten years of my life. My family moved to Seattle where my parents tried and failed to have an open relationship and I fell into a depression, got into a whole bunch of trouble with the law, lost the trust of everyone who loved me, and finally started writing seriously a few years after college.*

I became involved with the literary community through my work with the literary magazine Monkeybicycle, got a job in advertising, and after years of procrastination and drug use finally moved to New York. Soon after arriving in NYC I met the love of my life and was accepted to Brown’s MFA program, so I quit my job, thus beginning the most recent best ten years of my life.

After graduating from Brown I lived in New Orleans, published a collection of prose poems, lived in Tucson, lived in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and published my first novel serially across 42 literary websites and blogs in what I called the Forecast 42 Project, which you can read about in this interview with the LA Times.

Then began my series of relationships with oddly named micro-presses. Forecast was picked up by FlatManCrooked, then reprinted by the Civil Coping Mechanisms. My next novel, Border Run, was included in its entirety in an issue of New Dead Families, then put into print by Artistically Declined Press.

Around this time I started the book review section at The Nervous Breakdown, went back to work with the ad agency I’d left, married the afore mentioned love of my life, moved around in the city a bunch, started spending a lot of time in Woodstock, and wrote The Guild of Saint Cooper.

Currently, I’m working on a novel about chance, parenthood, and labor colonies, and curating the Twin Peaks Project, a series of essays and reminiscences about that show’s influence on writers, artists, and generally interesting folks.

*I’m happy to report that I have, over time, earned back the trust of most, if not all, of the people I fucked over early in life—a feat which rates among my highest and most proud achievements.