In This Alone Impulse is a prose poem collection published by Noemi Press in February, 2010. It can be purchased directly from the publisher, or from Small Press Distribution. The poems can also be viewed in a series of videos on my YouTube channel.

In This Alone Impulse is beautifully replete with silence. With each reading these pieces change, seeming less and less enigmatic and more insistently full of lyrical human meaning. A marvelous and original sequence; there’s really nothing else out there like it.”  – Brian Evenson

“Where are you standing? In This Alone Impulse bends syntax way back for maximum impact. “Take your head out of the toaster oven,” says Scanlon, there’s skin, there’s “we” and Virginia. Poetry or prose? You’re reading.” – Terese Svoboda

“If Gertrude Stein ran track for Mineola Prep, she’d text these alert, convivial poems from the team bus.” – Joyelle McSweeney

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