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Welcome to the Forecast 42 Project. From July 16th to December 7th, 2009, I serialized my novel Forecast (read a blurb; watch a promo) semiweekly across 42 web journals and blogs.

Each chapter links back to the previous chapter, and forward to the next, so you may navigate the novel from this page, or from the participant sites themselves:

Chapter 01: Juked
Chapter 02: Northville Review
Chapter 03: Emprise Review
Chapter 04: John Madera
Chapter 05: flatmancrooked
Chapter 06: Lamination Colony
Chapter 07: Necessary Fiction
Chapter 08: The2ndHand
Chapter 09: Dogzplot
Chapter 10: Keyhole
Chapter 11: Joe Sullivan
Chapter 12: Emerging Writers Network
Chapter 13: Matt Briggs
Chapter 14: Man Who Couldn’t Blog
Chapter 15: Redivider
Chapter 16: Opium Magazine
Chapter 17: Spork
Chapter 18: Gigantic
Chapter 19: HTMLGIANT
Chapter 20: Molly Gaudry
Chapter 21: Brandi Wells Review
Chapter 22: Electric Literature
Chapter 23: Soma Lit
Chapter 24:
Chapter 25: Coyote Breath
Chapter 26: Fake Angeleno
Chapter 27: Bound Off
Chapter 28: Secondary Sound
Chapter 29: Jami Attenberg
Chapter 30: Everyday Genius
Chapter 31: Picture Pack
Chapter 32: Michael Kimball
Chapter 33: Unpacking My Library
Chapter 34: Remember We Were Famous
Chapter 35: Pank Magazine
Chapter 36: Word Riot
Chapter 37: 3:AM Magazine
Chapter 38: Birkensnake
Chapter 39: Puerto del Sol
Chapter 40: Matt Bell
Chapter 41: Lisp Service
Chapter 42: Monkeybicycle

Thanks for stopping by, and for supporting independent literature. If you’d like to know more about this project or my novel, please contact me.